1 hour: Initial consultation and treatment = £40

45 mins: Follow up treatments = £40



1 hour: Initial consultation and treatment – £40
40 min: Follow up treatments – £35
25 min: Nail cutting – £25
1 hr: Nail surgery using local anesthetic, to remove ingrowing toenail. Starting from – £150


Home visits

There is a home visiting service providing for patients in Shaftesbury, Gillingham and the surrounding area. This is for people who prefer to be treated in the comfort of their own home or for those with mobility problems or transport difficulties. The cost of this service varies between £30​ – £50​ depending on travel costs and the extent of treatment needed.


What My Clients Say
Brilliant treatment

I have diabetes and when I developed an ulcer on my foot, which was infected, I was seriously worried. However, with the brilliant treatment I have received from Miles the wound has now healed up and with his expert advice I now feel confident this won’t happen to me again. – Peter, Child Okeford

Better after first treatment

I came in virtually crawling on my hands and knees, bent over doubled and crippled with agonising back pain. I was also apprehensive about visiting an osteopath for the first time. I felt I had exhausted every other option and I  was sick of taking pills to try and numb the pain. Miles did not offer me any quick fixes but after the first treatment I was able to stand straight and within a couple of days all that awful muscle spasm subsided.