Health benefits of liposomal Vitamin C

What is lyposomal vitamin C?

Liposomes are very small (‘nano – sized’) fat soluble transporters, that carry nutrients in the blood directly to the body’s cells. Liposomes, are encapsulated supplements, that are capable of holding large amounts of vitamin c molecules, packaged up in a ‘protective fatty layer’, that stops the nutrients been excreted out of the body. Vitamin C, that is not contained within a liposome, is water soluble and has as little as 20 % absorption rates, with the other 80% been excreted out of the body. Whereas  a far higher amount of liposomal vitamin C passes directly through the the lining of the digestive tract into the blood stream, where almost 90 % of it is absorbed directly into the cells.

Vitamin C plays a critical role in supporting the immune system and in helping to protect the joints and arteries from the damaging effects of free radicals, through its actions as a powerful anti- oxidant. Vitamin C also acts as an anti – histamine and helps to reduce inflammatory symptoms associated with allergies, cold’s and flu. Vitamin C also has a range of other health benefits:

  • It prevents the oxidation of cholesterol in the bloodstream
  • Vitamin C improves lung function and can help decrease inflammation within the airways, providing a positive effect in lessening the symptoms of asthma and respiratory tract infections.
  • Vitamin C helps to regulate the damaging effects of high blood sugar levels in individuals with diabetes and heart disease.
  • Liposomal vitamin C therapy has been shown to have positive effects in patients with the early stages of cancer, when combined with other forms of treatment


Individuals who are taking blood thinning medication, or are pregnant, should take lower doses of Liposomal vitamin C and it is advisable to consult a Doctor or other healthcare professional to discuss this.