Verruca’s, also known as plantar warts are caused by a common virus (the Human Papilloma Virus) and are frustratingly difficult to get rid of.  Sometimes verruca’s can be mistaken as a corn because they are often painful to walk on. They can be distinguished from a corn by the presence of tiny little black dots in the skin which are capillaries. In allot of cases verruca’s tend to clear up after about 4 years. However, this is not the case for everyone and there are some people for whom they seem to persist for much longer. Sometimes verrucas spread and form clusters of warts on the foot. This then inevitably leads to a build-up of callus around the Verruca, which then becomes painful to walk on.

There are many treatments for verrucas, many of which are completely useless. Cryotherapy and salicylic acid are commonly used, however, they often require months of regular treatment before they cajole the immune system into action, which ultimately gets rid of the verruca. The good news for verruca suffers is that a new treatment that has become available. This is called SWIFT and it works by zapping the verruca with microwaves.It is far more precise than using cryotherapy, which tends to leave parts of the virus in the tissue due to its limited precision.


1 hour (initial consultation and treatment session) – £45
45 min (follow-up treatments) – £40

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