What My Clients Say

North Dorset Podiatrist and Osteopath

So much better

22 years as a soldier, yomping over the Brecon Beacons and the discs in my lower back were worn out. Of course there is no magic cure for arthritis, however with treatment and advice from Miles I am now able to manage the problem so much better and I am now not in constant pain. – Rupert, Marnhull

Brilliant treatment

I have diabetes and when I developed an ulcer on my foot, which was infected, I was seriously worried. However, with the brilliant treatment I have received from Miles the wound has now healed up and with his expert advice I now feel confident this won’t happen to me again. – Peter, Child Okeford

I feel like I’ve got a new pair of feet!

I feel like i’ve got a new pair of feet! Ingrowing toenails, painful corns and callus…I’ve had it all and every time Miles has sorted it out.  – Brian, Sturminster Newton

As if by magic no headache!

Walked into the osteopath fed up with a recurring  headache that lasted for hours. After treatment I felt completely drained for 24 hours and so I followed his instructions, to drink water and sleep. That night I had the best nights sleep I had in ages. I felt a little sore the next day (which he had predicted) but as if by magic no headache!  – Sophie, East Knoyle

Better after first treatment

I came in virtually crawling on my hands and knees, bent over doubled and crippled with agonising back pain. I was also apprehensive about visiting an osteopath for the first time. I felt I had exhausted every other option and I  was sick of taking pills to try and numb the pain. Miles did not offer me any quick fixes but after the first treatment I was able to stand straight and within a couple of days all that awful muscle spasm subsided.

I wish I had gone to see Miles years ago!

I wish I had gone to see Miles years ago! The tendinitis in my shoulder was stopping me from enjoying life. It’s wonderful to be able to do the gardening without that nagging pain… – Rosie, Shaftesbury.

I can now wear sandals without socks

Since Miles has looked after my feet (which were showing signs of my age), I have lost any embarrassment about them and I can now wear sandals without socks or lounge by the hotel pool…

Miles is caring and makes me feel at ease

I’ve always found that Miles is caring and makes me feel at ease. He explains things clearly and has what appears to be an uncanny way of finding the root of the problem. – Jose, Blandford.

His knowledge and expertise are first rate

I have been a client of Miles for 5 years and his knowledge and expertise are first rate. – Alan Rutter, Gillingham.

Don’t be nervous!

This is one chiropodist/podiatrist whose chair you may sit in without the least fear of discomfort.  Miles is very well trained – many letters after his name – and has a great deal of ‘hands on experience’ as well.


Comfy feet!

Miles has a calm personality and is always prepared to explain any problems encountered and the best way for both you and him to tackle them.  You leave the chair with your mind at rest if things were wrong – and not only that – comfy feet! – Jo Johnson, Shaftesbury

I would not trust anyone else

Miles Cowan has been treating me for over 5 years now. His expertise and professionalism are second to none and I would not trust anyone else– Barbara Gollop, Gillingham.