This is a term used to describe pain emanating from under the area at the front of the foot, known as the metatarsal bones. Sometimes this part of the foot can become sore because the fatty pad that sits under the metatarsal joints starts to thin. This is known as fat pad atrophy. The natural padding loses its shock absorbing properties. This process can be related to foot deformities, such as bunions and high foot arches; it is also caused by wearing high-heeled shoes. Special insoles known as orthotics can be built up at the front to provide extra padding under the metatarsals to relieve the pain. There are also specialist insoles designed for high heeled shoes which have a slimline design that fits into narrow women’s shoes. I can advise you on the best treatment options to help with this kind of problem.


45 min (initial consultation and treatment session) – £40
30 min (follow-up treatments) – £35

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