Neck Pain & Headaches

The average human head weighs around 11 pounds; the muscles at the back of your neck have to work pretty hard to support that much weight, especially when your head is held forward in a fixed position for a prolonged period of time. Every inch that the head moves forward from the mid-line, increases the loading force through the neck by as much as 8 pounds.

It is little wonder that poor posture, stress and sitting at a computer for many hours can cause neck pain. Often this can lead to a feeling of tightness under the base of the skull, which can result in the nerves becoming irritated and inflamed. Referred pain from the area at the top of the neck can lead to discomfort around the temporal bones and behind the eyes, resulting in tension headaches.

How osteopathic treatment can help you

  • An assessment of your posture and an examination of the joints and muscles in your neck to find the underlying cause of your pain
  • Gentle treatment directed to the joints and muscles to decrease stiffness and increase mobility in your neck
  • Relaxing soft tissue massage to loosen tight, contracted muscles and release pressure on the nerves
  • Nerve entrapment causing pins and needles or radiating pain into the arms can also be treated.


1hr (first session) – £40
40 min follow up – £40


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